It’s the law! A hazmat employer shall ensure that each of its hazmat employees is trained in accordance with the requirements prescribed in the regulations. Compliance with these regulations will assist in the safe transportation of Remington products. Failure to comply could result in severe penalties.

The Remington “Red Book” contains procedures applicable to hazardous materials (known outside the USA as “dangerous goods”) when shipped in domestic and international modes of transportation, consisting of highway, air, ocean, and small package services.

Detailed packing information, shipping paper requirements, marking and labeling regulations as well as special instructions are contained in individual Transport Data Sheets* which are established by product line and mode of transportation.

Specific regulations, guidelines, and recommendations, contained in this manual, were extracted from the publications governing dangerous goods.

If you have any questions or doubts as to the proper packaging, marking/labeling, or documentation requirements contact Rick Kilts, Director, Logistics & Distribution. He can be reached at (336) 548-8653 or rick.kilts@remington.com

* Note: The following commodities are not considered hazardous materials (dangerous goods) and are therefore not subject to any of the hazmat regulations:

  • Empty, un-primed cartridge cases
  • Bullets
  • Shot
  • Shotgun wads
  • Dummy rounds (inert, non-functional ammunition)
  • Cases, cartridge, empty with primer (when shipped domestically)
  • Firearms
  • All wipes in packets (pop-up wipes are regulated)
  • MoistureGuard Products except MoistureGuard with Rem®Oil (18378)
  • 40-X Bore Cleaner (flashpoint = 186F), including Wipes in any packaging
  • Brite-Bore (flashpoint =  >140F), including Wipes in any packaging